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Why People Don't Like Manual Treadmills

Fitness and health is usually a vast topic and in the past we have researched a number of topics to allow you to get healthy. Clearly we're continually reading up on the most up-to-date developments, and presently we thought to share one of the terrific reports we found figuring some of our viewers could benefit from it just like we did. We hope you enjoy it, and remember, if you're searching for more information on running fitness, you should check out all of our other content articles.

The belts on motorized treadmills are driven by a motor. However, manual treadmill have no motor. Instead, the movement of the belt is provided by the user, just like with an elliptical machine. Runners tend to like motorized treadmills better, perhaps because motorized treadmills force them to keep the pace. The most expensive treadmills are motorized. Thus, the most serious runners often consider manual treadmills to be inferior because they can't be run on.

Oh how fine it would be to see the world other than through our own eyes! It is true that manual treadmills are far simpler and far less expensive. Indeed, the young and healthy critics probably feel quite superior to those who those who buy a manual treadmill because cannot run ten miles per day. They probably have not considered that many people cannot afford $2,000 for a treadmill. It may not have occurred to them that many people are elderly, frail, or otherwise different from the average treadmill buyer. It probably didn't occur to them that some people cannot even leave their home and that, for these people, any exercise is good exercise.

Indeed, it is for these non-typical users that manual treadmills are designed. It is these users who comprise the bulk of the buyers for manual treadmills. It is for these users that an inexpensive manual treadmill provides a lifeline to a more vigorous life. Manual treadmills allow users to walk briskly, in the privacy of his own home.

Using a manual treadmill does feel fundamentally different from running on a motorized treadmill. On a motorized treadmill, the need to keep up with the turning belt requires an effort that is forced by the machine. Once you get going, you just have to keep up. However, on a manual treadmill, the need to move originates solely with the user. Therefore, there is, in some sense, more motivation required to keep going.

The young and healthy runners will not always be so. They too will be thrilled to move their own body weight in their own room on their own treadmill better than they did the day before. They will use it because going feels good and right. They will get on it and go, and keep going, because they know that to stop is to stop forever.


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